Where are you located?

My shoe business was launched in London but from 2018 I have been based in Tokyo, Japan. I offer worldwide shipping from our office in Tokyo and prices depend upon your delivery location.

Where are your shoes made? 

Our shoes are handmade at a small family run factory in Spain by local artisans. We use high quality Italian and Spanish leathers and textiles on all our shoes. We work closely with the pattern cutter at our factory to create the perfect cut and finish for our designs. 

How do I clean my shoes?

Satin- Please use a damp, soft white cloth or we have found water only wipes (called 'Water Wipes') to be excellent. Please spot clean on the dirty area only then leave to dry naturally. Please ensure you don't rub the satin as this may damage the fabric. 

Metallic suede and leather- Please use a damp, soft white cloth on the affected area only. Please spot clean and do not rub the leather as this may cause damage to the suede. 

Patent leather- Please use a damp, soft white cloth or we have found water only wipes (called 'Water Wipes') to be excellent. Please do not use any plastic cleaning products on the leather as this may cause discolouration. Although patent leather appears more robust it is still to be treated with care.

Lace- Our mesh backed lace is very delicate so please only use a slightly damp, soft white cloth to spot clean any dirty areas. Please do not rub the lace as this may cause the embroidery to pull. 

If you are uncertain about how to clean your shoes please email pip@pipmaccallum.com for any further tips and advice. Alternatively, before undertaking any cleaning please consult a quality shoe repair provider who specialises in footwear cleaning. 

How should I store my shoes?

Due to the delicate finish of our shoes, please keep them in the shoe box with the tissue. When travelling please use the soft dust bag provided to protect your shoes. 

What shoe sizes do you have available? 

EU      36   37   38    39   40   41 

UK       3     4     5      6     7      8 

US       6     7     8      9    10   11

FR      37   38    39   40   41   42 

Do you offer a bespoke service?

Yes we offer a bespoke service based on our available designs. Please contact Pip via email pip@pipmaccallum.com to discuss any bespoke requirements that you have.  We are happy to work with you to meet your specific needs.

Can I try on your shoes before I buy them?

If you are based in Tokyo we would be delighted to arrange a 1:1 appointment for you to try our collection of shoes before you make your purchase. We want the experience of finding your bridal shoes to be as special as trying on your wedding dress. Please contact Pip at pip@pipmaccallum.com for available appointment dates at a central Tokyo location.